Best played in full screen.  I've only tested in on Chrome.

Wasn't able to finish.  The idea was you shoot water at nearby planets so you can jump to them and swim on them.  Jumping to a dry planet = death.  Jumping and shooting water works, but there is no good lose condition implemented.  Jump to the planet in the bottom right of the level to win.  The rest of the levels were never finished.

Controls: W - swim cw, S swim ccw, click/drag to pan, A to shoot water, D to jump, R to restart level (but this is really slow for some reason, might as well just reload page).


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I wish this were finished :( It seems like a really fun concept!


This is an interesting concept! Shame that you weren't able to finish. Love anything to do with Narwhals, hah.

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Thanks!  Yeah I would have gone with something a little simpler if I knew I was going doing this solo.  My team members bailed on me (for mostly good reasons).  I'll check out your game after my kids go to bed.