EDIT: If the toys don't show up right away, please give it a few more seconds to load, and then restart!!!  Also, the game is beatable, but you have to move quickly.   Since there is currently only one level, I wanted to make it pretty difficult.

Use Teddy to protect sleeping child from Nightmares!

Use keys WASD to move Teddy between the squares.  When next to the toy box (bottom left square), click one of the toys to pick it up, then move across the room and place the toy by clicking a square, so that it can fight the nightmares.  When next to a toy, right click it to pick it back up (only if your hands are empty).

Survive the night to win!

Programming by Lance Wellspring

Art by Karin van Zon - https://karinvanzon.itch.io/

Music by Joshua McLean

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